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I am the designer and developer of a web-enabled system written in PHP and HTML. This required the set-up of an Apache HTTP server and the efficient use of development tools within the company's existing ERP system for the creation of SQL tables and system control panels. The entire project required out-of-the-box thinking since the existing corporate language base and ERP systems were unable to meet the needs of this project. Additionally, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl) technologies were not part of the company's existing technological infrastructure at the time, so my use of them constituted the introduction of the technologies to the company.

Cost Saver

I created a proposal with cost-to-benefits analysis detailing the need to move developers from RPG III and RPG/400 to RPG IV and Java, starting first with a migration to RPG IV in the ILE environment on an IBM System i. The cost benefits included shorter development time, greater developer productivity, lower per-project costs, and positioning the development staff for an eventual move to more modern, flexible, and cost-effective languages. The proposal was approved, clearing the way for me to order RPG IV training for all developers and thus move the staff to RPG IV as the language standard for new application development.


I managed the Year-2000 compliance and testing effort for MTV, Showtime Networks and Viacom Corporate divisions to a successful conclusion. The Y2K compliance project was completed two weeks ahead of schedule. I also functioned as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Y2K effort, providing expert technical assistance, guidance, and overview of all documentation submitted for approval and archiving as proof of Y2K compliance.

Award Winner

I strive to be both technically proficient and customer oriented. As such, my efforts have netted me multiple nominations for corporate awards. My commitment to excellence has resulted in two wins for technical excellence and customer focus, and I took home awards in 1998, 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2016.

Eccentric Entries Social Media

YouTube Channel, Wordpress Blog, and Twitter Feed

I am the creator and writer of Eccentric Entries, a YouTube channel, blog, and Twitter feed of my life experience and interests. The YouTube channel covers social issues no matter what they are or where they're found, and that includes classic science fiction movies, politics (yes, we talk about Trump, Putin, and treason), and more. We post a new video every weekend. The WordPress blog has a much larger scope and thus it could address anything on any given day. Finally, the Twitter feed is used to keep followers up-to-date and engaged. Do note there are also pages on Facebook and Google+ that are dedicated to my YouTube and WordPress content.

About Me

Husband and Father

First and foremost I am a husband and the father of several wonderful children. My wife and I have been married for well over twenty years, and our journey through life and love has taught us much and given us much to share with others. Accordingly, I fully understand the tremendous challenges today’s world places on family, friends, and yes, even corporations. Very few people living in the United States today are untouched by the effects of modern life, so to all those who visit this site, I hope good health and prosperity finds you and those around you.

Innovator and Educator

Professionally, I am a long-time worker in the field of Information Technology with many years of experience in positions ranging from data entry clerk to department manager, with almost every possible position worked in along the way. I’ve amassed much information and experience from both my personal and professional endeavors, and I leverage my skills and talents to create innovative solutions to extraordinary problems. From PHP development to RPG coding to EnterpriseOne development to tutoring teens and pre-teens, I have done much good work and I look forward to doing more.

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